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Summer Women’s Yoga Workshop Series


Sat Nam Center for Higher Consciousness at Mother Divine invites you to a special women’s workshop series entitled “Discover the Power of the Invincible Woman within YOU. A WOMEN’S TRAINING COURSE for the 21st Century as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

WHEN: Five separate Saturdays
DATES: July 9, 23, 30 and Aug 13, 27
TIME: 10am – 5pm
WHERE: Sat Nam Center at Mother Divine Foundation
333 Mount Cliff Road, Hurleyville, NY


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“That is the beauty of a woman. The center of creation. Woman is the center of Infinity. She is the only reality the Earth knows. That’s the only reality the heaven blesses.”
~ Yogi Bhajan


Summer Women’s Yoga Workshop Series Topics

WORKSHOP 1 – Identity of a Woman (July 9th)

Who are We??
How different are we??
Infinity & Divinity
Projection, 16 tracks
When you truly know yourself and you understand the gifts that the Creator bestowed on you, your life is focused, full of Grace, Ease and Fun. You live with integrity and purpose. The Universe lines up with your intention and commitment. Your pain and anxiety disappears. You live a happy, pain-free life!

WORKSHOP 2 – Relationships and Polarities (July 23)

Male Polarity-Female Polarity in straight or gay relationships.
Conscious Communication
Authentic Relationships
“The whole life of a male is circulatory around a female. There is nothing else. It’s by nature. A Woman is a vessel, a container. The Universe is contained in you.” – YB

WORKSHOP 3 – Woman as a Mother (July 30)

Every Woman by nature is a mother, even if she never had her own children. You don’t have to be a Mother to benefit from this.
Conscious Pregnancy – 120 days & 40 days
Raising Children own or others (grandchildren, nephews and nieces)
First Teacher
Relationship with Children-their purity and innocence
“If you want to give your son or your daughter strength, the only thing you can give them is your experience as divine. They can look to you as divine—the feeling, the urge, the reality.” YB – 7/31/84
A mother’s duty is to give her child Excellence, Mental Temperament and teach Responsibility. If you want to do that, you must start with Conscious Pregnancy.

WORKSHOP 4 – Power of Invincible Woman (Aug. 13)

The Inner Work
Identity & Divinity
Attitude and Altitude
Transforming from Chick to Eagle using the Kundalini Yoga Technology. “What is Kundalini actually? It is your creative potential. You experience it when the energy of the glandular system combines with the energy of the nervous system to create such a sensitivity thatthe totality of the brain receives signals and integrates them. Then you become totally and wholly aware, and your creative potential becomes available to you.” – YB

WORKSHOP 5 – Experience your Power as a Woman. Take it out into the world, and into your life. (Aug. 27th) Radiance

Power of Communication
Living your Truth
The Time is Now
“Adi Shakti Namo Namo. That’s what you are: the primal nucleus power with absolutely no deficiency; complete and perfect and positive; one who can create another human being out of her. She can bring God on Earth, she can bring a saint, and she can bring heavens, and she can build a house with a needle which man cannot build with millions of dollars and with all his vigilance. When you are corrupt, you are terribly corrupt. When you are not, you are the most powerful individual psyche on the planet.” – YB 7/12/89