EarthMind Wellness at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa: Help relieve stress with Energy Yoga.

Energy Yoga at EarthMind Wellness benefits the mind as well as the body, helping practitioners find relief from tension and anxiety, sleep better at night and even decrease blood pressure. That’s why many people use the practice as a stress-easing tool. But what do you do when the people around you are under mental pressure and showing signs of apprehension? Stress can be contagious, and second-hand stress is everywhere you look, from school to work to home. If you’re constantly surrounded by friends, family or colleagues who are

Sat Nam Yoga Spa Opening the First Floatation Spa in Sullivan County, NY

Sat Nam Yoga Spa will be celebrating the Grand Opening of Sullivan County’s first Floatation Chamber, a healing modality invented in the sixties by a well known psychiatrist, John Lilly. Long anticipated, Float-to-Be Floatation Therapy Room has been in the making for many long months not to mention a few years of research, preparation and design work.