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Art & Yoga Workshop in the Catskills

Come experience a transformative Art & Yoga Workshop at Sat Nam Yoga Spa in the Catskills. Are you ready to delve deeper into your authentic self? To discover what you truly want, and truly commit to going after it? The practice of Kundalini Yoga encourages us to chant “Sat Nam,” meaning “Truth is My Name.” This truth is the source of the effortless power that lies within each of us. Our authentic selves, at the core of our being, are our most powerful ally in expressing ourselves and creating the life we truly desire. In this workshop, we will use art journaling to tune into our inner desires and uncover what we really want and need. In addition, we will practice Kundalini Yoga to help us create a physical shift in our mind, body and spirit, to truly open up at a deeper level.

Art & Yoga Workshop

Using Art Journaling & Kundalini Yoga to Connect to Your Authentic Self

Date: Saturday, September 24, 2016 10am-2pm (Rescheduled)
Location: Sat Nam Yoga Spa, 333 Mount Cliff Road, Hurleyville, NY
Price: 4 hours/$30 with preregistration or $40 at the time of the event

More details at: http://www.simplepea.com/2016/09/art-yoga-workshop.html

Art & Yoga Workshop


About the Teachers and the Venue

Sat Nam Yoga Spa is guided by Marilyn Gitanjali Valant, who has been practicing Yoga, Meditation and studying ancient philosophies in the US, India and Nepal for almost twenty-five years. Her path has led her to become a yoga teacher, and open Sat Nam Yoga Studio and Inn in the Catskill region of NY, where she conducts classes as well as workshops and weekend retreats. Marilyn shares her personal experience with great conviction, compassion and love as a yoga teacher, personal trainer, nutrition and optimal weight consultant.

Paulina Tracz has been teaching creative workshops for nearly a decade, and feels passionate about her creative intention. Simply put, it is to help people find their sense of self through art. By delving below the shallowness of daily life, art can help us tap into something deeper within ourselves. Our creativity is the greatest evidence of our divine spark — the greatest evidence that we are “enough.” In today’s advertising driven world, it’s easy to forget that. In fact many of those being brought up today have a hard time even learning it in the first place. But art can help us dig deeper and find the truth.